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KC T-Shirt Fundraisers

KC Fundraisng
  • Kansas City Schools
  • Kansas City Boys & Girl Scouts
  • Kansas City PTA's
  • Kansas City Religious Groups, Churches & Organizations
  • Kansas City School Marching Bands, Orchestras & Choirs

  • Promote your fundraiser on Social Media platforms
  • Send an email blast to your network
  • Stuff your fundraising vouchers in the backpacks of your students before they leave school
  • Use bright colored (florescent) paper to print the fundraising vouchers

  • Once your event has concluded, sales will be calculated, and a check is usually distributed within 2-3 weeks. Proof & Paperwork stating your non-profit organization status must be provided before any donation checks can be issued

  • By law, groups must be part of a non-profit organization. Although we'd like to help everyone in need, we're not able to write fundraising checks to individuals
  • Fundraising events must be scheduled at least 14 days prior to the event day. This allows us enough time to prepare for your fundraiser properly.

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Kansas City Fundraising

Here you'll find information about the Kansas City T-shirt Fundraising program. Contact Kansas City Fanshop and we'll help you get started!
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